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Rated G
Cast: Channing Tatum and James Corden

In this spin on the classic legend of Bigfoot, Migo (Channing Tatum) is a Yeti who happily lives with his tribe in snowy seclusion atop a Himalayan mountain, far away from modern society and all its inhabitants. One day he has a chance encounter with the elusive ôSmallfootö (also known as a human) after a plane crashes on the mountain. When Migo tries to convince his community of this, no one believes him and his story is rebuffed.

Determined to prove the Smallfootĺs existence, Migo joins the secret Smallfoot Evidentiary Society, made up of a group of Yetis who also believe the creature is real. In order to gather substantial evidence, Migo journeys down the mountain to a local village. There he meets a Smallfoot TV personality Percy Patterson (James Corden), who realizes Migo is just what he needs to save his struggling career.

Genre: Family
Running Time: 96 minutes

Sackville Film Society Under the Tree

Thursday 7:30 PM

Rated 14A
Cast Sigur­ur Sigurjˇnsson and Edda Bj÷rgvinsdˇttir

Retired couple Baldvin (Sigur­ur Sigurjˇnsson) and Inga (Edda Bj÷rgvinsdˇttir) are still grieving the loss of their older son, who has disappeared and is presumed dead when their younger son Atli (Stein■ˇr Hrˇar Stein■ˇrsson), is kicked out by his wife and moves in with them.

While fighting for the right for visitation with his young daughter, Atli becomes immersed in another spat. His parents' next-door neighbors want Baldvin and Inga to trim an old tree thatĺs casting shade on the patio where they sunbathe. When Baldvin and Inga refuse, their cat goes missing. Soon, the neighbors' dog is nowhere to be found. Tires are slashed. Security cameras are installed. A chainsaw and a pitchfork are used as weapons as tensions come to a boiling point.

Inspired by a true incident.

Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 95 minutes